Online Banking Information

It's free. It's easy. It's secure.

It starts with a teller...
Visit any one of our friendly tellers and ask them about signing up for online banking. Theyíll have you fill out a simple form, and from there itíll only take a moment more to get your account setup for online banking!

The teller will then fill in this guide with your username and temporary password. This information is necessary to login to online banking. The temporary password may not look like something that will be easy for you to remember. Donít worry, you will be able to change it in just a moment!

Then login to

You can login from any computer connected to the Internet using any of the most common web browsers. This web address is also home to our new website. If itís your first time there, take a look around!

Once youíre ready to login to your account, click the button at the top of the website that looks like this:


Then enter your username and temporary password as supplied by your teller.

Once you're in...

View Account Information
This menu allows you to view account summary, account history, and view checks cleared. Click on the account number to view details for that account.

Manage Account
This menu refers to your online banking account. Here you can change your online banking password, online banking username, e-mail address, and home address.

Instructions on how to change your temporary password....